Managing Latency in the Cloud

To ensure the quickest delivery of your data over a secure, stable and high performance network, we use Internap® Performance IP™ technology.

This enables us to analyze internet traffic in real-time and intelligently route your data via the most appropriate path – providing you with peak productivity and efficiency. Routing emails and other data over redundant, high-speed connections to all major Internet backbones enables us to more effectively and efficiently deliver your communications and applications by knowing about network bottlenecks and proactively routing around them.

Managing Latency in the Cloud


Intelligent Route Control Technology

This proprietary route control technology far exceeds the inadequacies of traditional routing policies by monitoring the performance of each internet backbone finding the best path for your data to travel. Latency, packet loss, route stability and network congestion are all considered when making routing decisions. These decisions are automated and performed in real-time to account for changes in network performance. There is no need for manual intervention. 


Redundant Private Network Access Point (P-NAP®)

Utilizing the patented Performance IP ™ technology, data is intelligently routed across 8 major backbones via Internap’s Private Network Access Point (P-NAP). This innovative technology reroutes data so that it avoids network congestion from a single Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Latency Defined

Latency is defined as the time it takes a packet of data to travel from a source, like a server, to a destination, like your desktop computer. For example, the amount of time when you sit and wait for an email with a large attachment to open – that’s latency. It’s that unproductive time when you’re waiting for something to happen. It may not seem that waiting a few extra seconds or even a couple of minutes for something to happen will significantly impact corporate productivity but multiply that by all employees over one year. Those small periods of unproductive time can quickly turn into decreased corporate efficiency and revenue.

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