Microsoft Lync Presence Indicator

The Lync 2010 Presence Indicator gives you on-demand visibility into users’ availability, letting you select the best time and place to engage and collaborate. And, this real-time status is displayed throughout all Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word and Microsoft SharePoint, as well as Microsoft Outlook and Windows Phones using Communicator Mobile, so both you and your colleagues know the best way to stay connected.

  Status Text Description
available Available The contact you wish to reach is online and currently free to speak with you.
lync busy Busy
In a Call
In a Conference
In a Meeting
The contact is online but is involved in some other activity. These include:
  • On a Call: The contact is in a voice or video conversation with someone else.
  • In a Conference: The contact is chatting with more than one person by phone, voice, video, and/or application sharing.
  • In a Meeting: The contact’s Microsoft Outlook calendar displays that they have a scheduled meeting at that time.
lync do not disturb Do Not Disturb The contact is online but does not wish to be disturbed. Do Not Disturb mode also enables the user to specifically select their level of privacy by choosing options that enable no display alerts to options that allow alerts from a specified workgroup.
lync away Away The contact is online but not currently available.  Reasons may include:
  • The contact’s computer has been inactive for longer than a time period that is specified by the user (15 minutes is default).
  • The contact’s Microsoft Outlook calendar or Out of Office Assistant indicates that he or she is out of the office.
  • The contact is temporarily unavailable.
  • The contact has manually set his or her presence status to Away or Appear Away.
lync off work Off Work The contact is not at work at this time.
lync offline Offline The contact is not currently online. This status may be displayed for the following reasons:
  • The contact has not signed in.
  • The contact has blocked you from seeing their status.
lync presence unknown Presence unknown Microsoft Lync Server 2010 is unable to determine the contact’s status.
lync blocked Blocked The user has blocked the corresponding contact. To the blocked contact the user appears to be offline.

Lync Features and Pricing

  Standard Enterprise
PC to PC Instant Messaging
PC to PC File Transfer
Rich Presence indicators
PC to PC Audio
PC to PC Video
Conference Attendee
Multi-party audio and video conferencing
Conference Presenter

*Hosted Exchange is required in order to purchase Microsoft Lync. Bundles are available with Microsoft Lync.