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The need for real-time communication and collaboration is more important than ever before.  Microsoft Skype for Business brings together the different ways we communicate into one single user interface, letting you find the right person to connect with via voice, video, instant message, application sharing or meetings – all on-demand.

What can Skype for Business do?

  • PC to PC Instant Messaging: Send messages to colleagues in real-time. This is a great way to have a quick conversation without sending an email or having a phone call. Users can also keep track of previous conversations, helping you review important information you may have discussed weeks and months ago.
  • PC to PC File Transfer: Now you can share files on-demand without the need to send them by email. Combined with audio and video conferencing, Microsoft Skype for Business redefines how, when and where you collaborate.
  • Rich Presence indicators: You’ll have an immediate understanding of a colleague’s availability, willingness to engage with you, their location, status and how they can be contacted. Integration with our hosted Exchange email solution, Microsoft SharePoint and any Microsoft Office applications makes it a normal part of your day, enhancing collaboration.
  • PC to PC Audio: An alternative to the traditional audio bridge services that we are familiar with, Skype for Business Server also includes valuable scheduling, joining and management features, helping you manage your audio conferences from within your Microsoft Outlook email.
  • PC to PC Video: High cost and the need for complex devices have been eliminated with the integration of video conferencing into Skype for Business Server and hosted Exchange. Scheduling a video conference or spontaneously initiating a video call is seamless and can instantly improve collaboration among colleagues.
  • Conference Attendee:  User attendees can have a richer meeting experience with the ability to view applications, documents and web pages in real-time.  A “whiteboard” is also available to share ideas and drawings which can be saved for future reference.
  • Multi-party audio and video conferencing:   Microsoft Skype for Business makes it easy to add video to any typical conference call with just one click. And, when meeting with multiple participants, the current speaker is always displayed – automatically switching between speakers and sending the applicable video to all participants.
  • Conference Presenter:  As a meeting presenter, you have control over your participants as well as what and how items are presented.  You can keep attendees in the “meeting lobby” until you are ready to admit them and easily broadcast, share or delegate control of any images, files, applications, software demos or other items to remote users without ignoring attendee feedback or text questions.

Skype for Business Features and Pricing

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PC to PC Instant Messaging
PC to PC File Transfer
Rich Presence indicators
PC to PC Audio
PC to PC Video
Conference Attendee
Multi-party audio and video conferencing
Conference Presenter
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*Hosted Exchange is required in order to purchase Microsoft Skype for Business. Bundles are available with Microsoft Skype for Business.