cloudSHIFTSM Server On-Demand

Your own virtual server that gives you freedom and choice.

Our mindSHIFT Online cloudSHIFT Server is your own custom virtual server in the cloud – what you need, when you need it.

cloudSHIFT Server On-Demand lets you host applications, launch a new web site, build a database and more. You will have full control over your cloud servers and, because there are no commitments, you have the flexibility to grow as you go or decommission your virtual servers whenever your needs change.

And, just like other hosted cloud services, all of your resources can be accessed at any time from your Windows or Apple computer, tablet computer or Smartphone and your favorite web browser.

With cloudSHIFT Server, you will reduce your physical server footprint through server virtualization, and:
  • Cut costs and implement Green initiatives
  • Eliminate large upfront expenses for new hardware and software
  • Employ disaster recovery and business continuity policies company-wide
  • Eliminate the additional resources, burden and cost associated with ongoing system management by utilizing our highly trained technology professionals
  • Refocus your efforts on strategic initiatives that drive revenue and growth for your business

You can create your own cloudSHIFTSM Server on-demand in just one click. Really!

Using industry-leading VMware technology, you can take advantage of our expertise, around the clock infrastructure management, highly secure facilities and 24/7/365 support to achieve all the benefits of a virtual server without the time, costs and resources required to maintain your own servers at your location.

cloudSHIFT Server: On-Demand is available in the following standard configurations.

Note: Additional resources can be purchased separately. Contact for details.

Need something a bit more custom? 
Server customization is as easy as 1…2…3…  You can build your custom server from this same easy to use online control panel. 
Have special network requirements? 
Contact one of our cloudSHIFT Server specialists at 855-535-7262 or Chat With Us Live to discuss your specific needs.

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